"Because YOU shouldn't have to."

866-362-ACSC (2272)

Q:  How does this work?
A:  Once you contact us, we will arrive at the scene at a mutually agreeable time, where we will meet with you or your designated respresentative.  You or your representative will grant us permission to enter the scene for the purposes of a preliminary inspection, after which we will provide you with an estimate for our services.  If you then choose to employ us, you will sign our contract for services authorizing us to begin the cleanup process at a mutually agreeable time.  Obviously, you may stay on-scene if you so choose, but we encourage customers to focus on more important matters while we clean the scene.  We will contact you as we near completion, so that you can inspect our finished product and sign our acknowledgement of completion.

Q:  Can we keep this quiet?
A:  Yes!  We will arrive on the scene in unmarked vehicles and will perform our duties as discreetly as possible.  We will share no details with any "nosy neighbors."

Q:  How much does this cost?
A:  Our service costs $130 per hour, for two technicians.  We do charge for travel time (from Heber Springs, AR) and a fuel surcharge, as well as a per-container fee for each biohazard box sent to the medical waste incinerator.  Large, bulky items which must be disposed of after decontamination (such as couches, mattresses, etc) will incur an additional disposal fee.  The average one-victim scene (without decomposition), usually takes three or four hours on-site.  The total price will depend upon the variables previously mentioned.

Q:  Will insurance pay for this?
A:  Usually, homeowner's insurance will cover the cost of our service.  The homeowner/business owner will only be responsible for the insurance policy deductible amount (normally either $500 or $1000).  There are some insurance companies which have become cautious about paying for blood and bodily fluid cleanup, thanks to a few CSC (Crime Scene Cleanup) companies which charge unreasonable, exorbitant fees.  We encourage you to contact your insurance company, inform them of the nature of your scene, and confirm coverage prior to contacting us.  If you provide us the policy number and insurance company contact information, we will collect the deductible from you and then file the insurance claim for you.

Q:  Will you take a check, or a credit card?
A:  Yes, with ID.

Q:  Do you offer "complete" restoration, such as new carpet, etc?
A:  We are a biohazard removal service, and, as such, do not have our own integrated restoration technicians.  We do, however, have agreements with several general contractors throughout the state, who will promptly provide full restoration services if you so choose.  These contractors will allow us to include their services on our invoice, so that you and/or your insurance company only have to deal with one invoice.

Q:  Can't we just clean up the scene ourselves?
A:  Yes.  Just don't put anything contaminated with blood or bodily fluids in the trash.  That's against the law, and can bring some stiff penalties.  Also, be very careful with fluid splash.  Fluids can quickly and easily enter any opening in the skin, including the eyes, and spread infection.  And remember that a small spot of blood on the surface usually means a large pool of blood underneath (under the carpet, under the floor tile, etc.).

Q:  Do you clean hoarding scenes?
A:  Yes.  Please see our hoarding page here on our website.  We're also listed on the national hoarding cleanup website, which is operated by Steri-Clean CSC owner Cory Chalmers, who is featured often on the A&E show, "Hoarders."  Many of our hoarding customers locate us through Cory's website.

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